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Thank you to everyone that has made a submission with FreeToVape. As it stands, the submission form is now closed.

FreeToVape.org will send your entry to the FDA, your Congressional Representative, and your two Congressional Senators. For the FDA, we will be printing out your entry onto paper and hand delivering them directly to their offices. For your Congressman/Senators/the Committee Members - we will directly fax your entry to them in real time. Here is your opportunity to take action!

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Here you will answer questions that organizes your comments into a concise, personal message. Also, you have a section where you can tell how electronic cigarettes have changed your life.

Do you use Electronic Cigarettes?
          If so for how long?
Yes No
Do you or have you smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes?
          If so for how long?
Yes No
How has the use of Electronic Cigarettes impacted your use of Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes?  Discontinued Use
 Reduced Use
 No change
 Increased Use
Are you familiar with the current proposed FDA regulations regarding hardware? [Learn More]
Yes No
Do you support the FDA proposed warning labels regarding the addictive properties of nicotine? Yes No
Do you agree with the FDA proposal that there will be no sales of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18? Yes No
Do you feel that all eLiquid bottles should have childproof caps? Yes No
Do you feel that having a variety of eLiquid flavors has helped you quit traditional tobacco cigarettes? Yes No
Do you support AEMSA's standards in regards to making juice?
AEMSA (American eLiquid Manufacturing Standards Association)
AEMSA Standards: Creating responsible and sustainable practices and process for the safe manufacturing of "eLiquids" used in electronic cigarettes.

AEMSA standards are established based on the following Core Beliefs:
  • We have a responsibility to verify the accuracy of any nicotine content in the products we distribute
  • We have a responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of all ingredients in our e-Liquids.
  • We have a responsibility to prepare our products in a clean, sanitary and safe environment.
  • We have a responsibility to ensure our products are packaged and delivered in a safe manner.
  • We have a responsibility to provide a level of transparency into the monitoring and verification process.
Yes No
Do you Vape using:
(Check all that apply)
 Cigalikes (ie: Blu, Njoy, etc...)
 eGO style battery w/ clearomizer
 Variable Voltage/Wattage
        (APV) Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Have you read the current proposed FDA regulations?:
If so, what do you disagree with? [learn more]
Should the FDA regulate:  Hardware and eLiquid
 Just eLiquid
 None of the above
How has vaping helped you?
(Check all that apply)

 I Feel Better  
 I Smell Better  
 I Breathe Better  
 I Have More Energy
 I Live a Healthier Lifestyle  
 I Will Live a Longer Life  
 I Save Money  

Please provide any links to vaping related studies that you feel are important for the FDA to look into:

Tell Your Story
(How has vaping changed your life? How will these regulations impact you? Etc... )

(Please refrain from profanity, slander, and slang.)