Our Forefathers founded the United States of America with the belief that we, as the citizens of this great country, have the right to stand up for what we believe is right.

The FDA public comment period ended August 8th, 2014

Hi Everyone,

There is strength in numbers! You should ALL be so very proud that you have come together, and have all accomplished this together!!

We delivered 40,352 of your personal FDA Comments - to the FDA last Friday afternoon! The whole process was seamless and went off without a hitch.

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That's not all though - there were 121,056 faxes that were sent to your Congressional Representatives (House and Senate); a total of approximately 907,920 pages were delivered to them.

Your submissions increased the FDA Public Comments regarding eCigs, by 350%. Together, this is the largest eCig advocacy effort in history - and it is all because of you!

There are so many to thank!

First and foremost - all of you who took the time out of your busy lives to let the FDA know your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. "Stand Tall". There is a certain bravery to putting your personal information out there. You took that on, and stood up for yourselves. "Thank You So Very Much!!"

Second - many thanks to everyone who were actively spreading the word to your local shops, and your friends and family. That was an integral and big part of the success! We wish we could shake all of your hands! To all of you that drove all the way to the FDA to help deliver the comments - it was great to meet you and to be a part of that with you!

Third - to all of the wonderful owners of the retail stores and websites. You guys worked so hard to touch everyone you could in spreading the word. There was such enthusiasm with you in working on this, and we really appreciated you asking us how you could help more - and in hearing of your successes. It was refreshing, and energizing! You guys made a HUGE difference! Be So Very Proud!!

To all of the YouTube Personality's - "WOW... what a great launch!" That was mind blowing! Then add in the continued time and efforts you spent in getting the word out even more. All of this was so very important to the success! You guys are simply the BEST!!

Fourth - those that helped with the funding, which without their help, we sure could not have started FTV, and paid for all of the ongoing costs!

Vapetrik was instrumental in the seed money, and without that we would not have gotten FTV off the ground. "Thank You!!"

Mount Baker Vapor came through with funding to cover a majority of the faxing, and the all of the printing costs. That was Huge! We could not have done this without them! "Thank You to Everyone at Mount Baker Vapor!" You are putting your money where your mouth is, and that is very admirable!

And I can't forget the Staff at Internet Connection. It is pretty tough to be so very busy working hard everyday, and then have this thrown in the mix at a moments notice. They took on the challenge, got it done, and continued to stay on top of it through it all. "I am so very proud of them!"

As soon as we catch our breath, we will be posting the video we shot at the FDA, so look for that coming your way soon!

Our next step will be determined by decisions the FDA must now make. We know that with this involvement from you, we can all together make a difference for everyone.

Doors can now open to important people that we need to talk with for you - to allow us to present and get the advocacy message, data, and research heard in a more personal and comprehensible method.

There is real data here, regarding real Vapors. We do plan to aggregate the data collected and compile a fact sheet for the FDA as well; and to also allow it to be used and customized for future needed advocacy efforts.

Another idea suggested by a member would be to hold a Two Day Vape Meet - combined with a rally or march in Washington DC. Does this idea pique anyone's interest? We're always open to suggestions as we move your mission forward.

The advantage in eCig advocacy, is that it has a foundation of "Common Sense" - and the goal is to make the "Sense", more "Common".


-Free To Vape Team