| About Vaping Advocacy Groups and Organizations
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About Vaping Advocacy Groups and Organizations

About Vaping Advocacy Groups and Organizations

There are many vaping advocacy groups out there who strive hard to help people from smoking tobacco. These groups ensure that the voices of the consumers are heard by the outside world. E-cigs and E-juice are something which needs to be promoted as it helps people to have a better life. When tobacco smokers find it so hard to quit smoking, ejuice(check out some of our sponsors for some good, but cheap ejuice; VapeCraft ejuice deal) be the best solution. Let us take a look at some of the vaping advocacy groups and organisations:

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association:

CASAA helps in organizing political actions at federal, state and local levels to promote and support laws which protect the use of vaping products which reduces the usage of harmful tobacco products. The group has convinced their town councils to ban public vaping. About 120,000 registered members who are public health professionals and government officials have recently joined the group, and they believe that vaping can truly have a positive impact on the nation. They also help debunking myths surrounding vaping, like ejuice contains formaldehyde.
Currently, the group is trying to gather support to raise a national petition to protect e-cigars from overbearing the regulations of the FDA. The advocacy group had collected a survey where they found out about 87% of the people who participated quit smoking with the help of e-cigars. The survey had about 27k users, and it is such a good thing to know that about 87% were able to stop tobacco smoking.

The American Vaping Association:

The American Vaping Association strives hard to educate the consumers and the government officials about the various benefits of vaping and e-cigars. The association consist mostly of business owners who believe that e-cigars can change the world. When you are trying to change the laws against vaping, it is also very important to change the hearts and minds of people. The American Vaping Association is keen on changing the hearts and minds of people by bringing in testimonials.
The association always welcomes e-cigar users to share their testimonials on how vaping has changed their lives. People take things seriously when another person has felt it personally. Thus, AVA works on bringing in as much as testimonials as possible to help people quit tobacco smoking.

The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association:

The SFATA is dedicated to providing an alternate product for tobacco users which helps the tobacco smokers to quit smoking efficiently. It is one of the major vaping advocacy groups in the industry. The members of the association include e-cigar consumers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and others who are keen on promoting the product for the benefits of the people. The association encourages people to create their own chapters so that they will be able to share their resources and campaigns. The association also collects statistics from vaping industries where there are more than 70k jobs in the vaping industry.

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