About Us

Why Grassroots Is Important

FreeToVape is based on the belief that a true grassroots movement isn't organized by political forces, but rather springs up spontaneously due to some pressing issue that a community feels needs to be changed or enhanced.

FreeToVape.org is a grassroots driven tool allowing everyone who has decided that vaping is for them (or supports the cause for various other reasons) to have a very fast, and easy to use, means by which to make their voice heard; to voice these directly to the FDA - and just as importantly, because these people decide what is finally approved, also to their Congressional Representative and their two Congressional Senators.

It is to help you, your friend, your neighbor, the person standing next to you at the counter of your favorite vaping store have a simple and effective way to reach out and take action before choices about vaping are impacted negatively.

If you ask almost anyone that vapes if they have heard about the pending FDA regulations - 9 out of 10 will not be aware of the possible risks to their personal rights to continue to walk into their vaping store, or go onto their favorite vaping website - and continue to buy what they prefer and enjoy using when vaping.

It is all about the numbers. It is all about the education. It is all about getting the word out! It is By Vapers - For Vapers.

How You Can Help:

In order for the FreeToVape movement to be effective, we need everyone to help us spread the word. In the More Info section, there is a flyer that can be printed out and displayed proudly at your local Brick and Mortar store. In addition, there are multiple YouTube videos that need to be shared. We are looking for over 500,000 entries and time is of the essence! Help us save vaping!

Who We Are:

FreeToVape is truly just a group of regular people, who got excited about an idea to do something to help those who vape defend themselves against "Big Brother" and the large tobacco companies that would love to have a monopoly on anything related to electronic cigarettes / vaping.

The people who worked some hard and long hours and to make FreeToVape a reality are; Brent, Kurt, RiP, Elliott, Aidan, Mark, Tim, Tara, and Brian.

Brent Stock

Right after the FDA published its pending regulations on April 24, 2014, I went looking for as much information and/or reaction as I could find; I watched the news clips from all of the major networks, read all of the news articles - even all of the FDA's documentation. I also watched all of the YouTube videos, available at that time.

Dimitris's "It's Political" interview with Dr Ross, was very enlightening. Dr. Ross makes it very clear, from his vast amounts of experience on the issue/ industry influences/ possible outcomes - that vaping as we know it today... was very much in danger! He brought it all to light for me on how this was playing out, and what were the the most likely outcomes.

In watching Nick's/ GrimmGreen FDA video on YouTube, Nick is very passionate about making sure that each of us stand up for our rights, and that we take action and do something about this. He stresses that we take the time to go to the website and comment to the FDA. That we also take the time and contact our Representative, and our 2 Senators in Congress.

What kept going through my mind in watching, was that it sure was going to take a lot of time and effort for someone to take an active stand here. The time it would take to find the right websites, and then comment on all those websites... was going to diminish outcomes for those that needed it the most - the vaping community.

FreeToVape was designed and launched, to solve that problem specifically - to empower everyone that vapes, as an easy and effective way to take action and make a difference - all in one spot.

RiP Trippers

We the vapers should have the freedom to determine the future of the electronic cigarette market, NOT anyone else. Freetovape.org is a way to get all of the vapers to unite, and protect this life changing industry that we all have created.

How It Started:

This began as a grassroots effort by a group of like-minded individuals passionate about vaping, but even more importantly, faced with the threat of losing freedoms we've enjoyed as such, we felt compelled to take action and provide a means by which we could all make our voices heard.

How We Help:

This website was created to allow everyone to share their story, voice, concerns, etc., with the FDA - and, directly with members of Congress per each individual state.

How You Can Help:

That's simple - complete the Take Action Page and make your voice count!

Why This Is Important:

Vaping has helped countless people stop smoking cigarettes once and for all. It provides an alternative that, to date, shows no negative health effects. Equally important, is our RIGHT TO MAKE CHOICES within the vaping community on how we vape (hardware), the flavors we choose (juices); given the FDA proposed regulations, this would all become heavily regulated.

Regarding the FDA comments, it is legal to submit more than one comment so if you have already submitted one through the regulations.gov page, we encourage you to fill out the submission form under the "Take Action" tab as your submittal will also reach your Congressional Legislators.